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Lois Lane was a person who was never late.  Never, ever, ever, ever was she late to her job at the Daily Planet.  There were times she'd even skip breakfast to save time.  As she headed down the sidewalk, her stomach grumbled loudly.  This was one of those days where she felt like eating would slow her down.  Still, her stomach wasn't ready to be quiet.  Glancing at her watch, she saw that she had at least ten minutes until she needed to clock in.  Looking around, she spotted the new buffet that had opened last week.  

"Maybe I can get a bagel and a quick cup of coffee." Lois headed towards the restaurant.

Lois entered the buffet.  It was extremely neat and tidy but there wasn't a single soul within the restaurant.  Confused, Lois was about to turn and leave when she heard a voice.

"Hello Miss!  Welcome to Heaven's Buffet!"

The voice belonged to a woman.  She was young with long brown hair that was tied up in a huge ponytail.  She wore a green outfit with an apron and a matching head band like a maid.  She wore a huge smile that made her gray eyes sparkle.

"Oh, hi," Lois smiled back.  "Can I have a cup of coffee?"

"Yes and you can also have this!" The woman handed a coupon to Lois.  "Since our first customer today, you get a free coupon for a free buffet!"

"Oh, thanks," Lois took the coupon.  "Could I use it now?  I skipped breakfast."

"Of course!" Coco handed Lois a tray.  "I'm Coco and if there is anything you need, just call me!"

Coco skipped away in a merry fashion, leaving Lois somewhat creeped out.  She grabbed herself a cup and poured herself some coffee.  She added some sugar, took a sip and sighed; this was just what she needed.

Lois looked around at the breakfast items when her stomach growled loudly.  She held her stomach, realizing how hungry she really was.  Maybe skipping breakfast in the morning was a habit she was going to have to break soon.  She got herself a bagel and even a bowl of grits.  She sat down and began to eat.

Now Lois wasn't the biggest fan of grits.  In fact, it wasn't her favorite food but it was something quick and warm to eat.  She took a spoonful to her mouth, not ready to be amazed when she tasted the grits.
"Wow, these are good," Lois took another bite.  "In fact, these are great!"

She quickly finished off the bowl.  Smacking her lips, she picked up the bagel and took a bite.  Just like the grits, the bagel was the best she had ever tasted.  It wasn't already buttered and it was perfectly soft.

"Everything okay Miss?" Coco appeared next to her.

"This is good!" Lois held up the bagel.  "Are these homemade?"

"Yes, they are Miss.  We even make our own butter."

"Awesome!" Lois looked down at the empty bowl that once held her grits.  "Could you get another bowl of grits?  And a few more bagels?"

Lois' stomach rumbled loudly.


"Clark!" Perry White shouted.  "Where's that article on the missing chemicals?"

"I'm almost done chief!" Clark replied from the phone.  "Hey Jimmy, have you seen Lois?"

"What, she's not here yet?" Jimmy asked.

"No, she isn't.  This is not like her to be late."

Lois took one last bite of grits and then she wiped her face.  She pushed the bowl to the side along with the three other empties.  Before she could stand up, she saw Coco heading her way with a towering stack of freshly baked pancakes.  She bit her lip, knowing that she was already late but the steaming hotcakes looked positively delicious.  Settling back into her seat, telling herself she'd only eat one pancake.

Coco placed the plate before Lois.  Lois smiled at the overly cheerful waitress before drizzling syrup all over the cakes.  She carefully cut one up.  She took one small bite and chewed.

And chewed.

And chewed.

"These pancakes are better than the grits!" She told herself.  "I don't think I've ever tasted anything so perfect!  Okay, instead of one pancake, I'll have two."

Lois cut up another pancake and ate.  Then, she cut up two more pancakes.  After those were finished, she went onto four pancakes.  As the number of cakes increased, Lois stomach's growling started up again.  Even as she ate, her belly cried out to be fed.   This was something brand new to Lois; she had never been a voracious eater but she found herself completely ravenous.  As the tower diminished, Lois' hunger increased.

Coco returned with two trays; one that held the soiled dishes and the other one covered with food.  She had another tower of pancakes along with plates loaded with waffles.  Lois' nose quivered as the smells floated around in the air.  Without even asking, Coco switched out the dirty plates for the new food.  Surprisingly, Lois didn't mind the extra food.  In fact, she was still rather hungry.  Starving in fact.

Coco placed the waffles in front of her.  Chocolate chips, warm and gooey, let off a hypnotic smell.  Lois, who had a mad carving for chocolate just about 24/7, tore into the waffles.  She took a bit and sighed happily.  They had been cooked to perfection, the chocolate running down her throat.  It was like she actually tasted heaven!

"These are great!" Lois told Coco between chews.  "Hey, do you have any hash browns?"

"Yes, we do!" Coco gave Lois another overly cheerful smile.  "I'll get you some!"

"Thanks!" Lois swallowed.  "Gosh, these waffles are so utterly perfect!  I could eat these each day!"

Coco came back with hash browns.  They were smothered in cheese with onions, mushrooms and peppers.  Along with the potatoes, the waitress had brought along with some sausages, strips of bacon and freshly baked biscuits. Lois finished off the remaining waffles.  Taking her spoon, she shoveled the hashbrowns into her mouth.  Again, she felt like she was in heaven as she chewed.

As she continued her breakfast, her stomach began to grow.  Since Lois was too engrossed with her food to notice, she went on feeding herself.  Pushing against her clothing, her belly became rounder.  It was growing slowly with each bite she took.  

Coco watched from the back.  Since Lois was too occupied with eating herself silly, she headed to the back.  She entered the door that was labeled Employees Only.  Once inside, she sat down in front of a computer screen.  The screen turned on and a blurry image appeared.

"Mistress, we've captured her." Coco told the image.

"Wonderful!" The voice replied.  "How is she doing?"

"Her stomach has already started to grow.  By lunch, it should be bigger."

"That's my girl!  Keep up the good work!"

"Yes ma'am."
Hooray, I can write again!

Yes, I do know I owe people story but I feel bad for not updating in such a long time. Here's the beginning of another story starring Teri as Lois Lane from the the show Lois and Clark.

Someone is keeping Lois in a buffet restaurant where she's being feed every waking second. Can Clark find her or will Lois become to fat to move? Find out!
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whatccha Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Good read 
Brubake Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
Oh this is great, but I need more! Is Clark going to pig out too? 
buff-and-fat-luver8 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
ooooooooooooooooooooh i like this story but i wish it was with men

can u make a story where a man comes into this restaurant orders a buffet here and fattens himself to immobility?
ArtLucie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
wow, sounds like something very new to me. I've read lots of stories but nothing with feeding like this. Curious how this will continue..
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Are you new to the weight gain genre or have you been a fan for a while?
ArtLucie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
I'm not really fan but weight troubles accompany me all my life so it sounds familiar. I only didn't read this genre in Lois and Clark fictions.
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Well I'm a huge fan of Teri Hatcher and I loved her in Lois and Clark so behold!
ArtLucie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
I'm huge Teri fan too (how do you think I found your story.. I searched for Teri :D )
Hehe okay ;)
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Oh really? You were searching for Teri?

Nice to know that I'm not the only Teri lover.
ArtLucie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
Yes really.

Sure you're not! I know a few more ;)
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010

So are you actually interested in reading more of this story?
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Kenster1025 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
Oh this sounds really interesting, can't wait to see the next part.
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
Thanks. Are you a fan of Lois Lane?
Kenster1025 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010
Fan of the 90's animated series.
TheKingofa1000Tons Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010
Ah, that was a good series as well.
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